Ensuring the safety and health of our guests, partners, and employees is our top priority. To this end, accente and Messe Frankfurt have jointly developed a hygiene concept, which has been approved by the competent authorities.

Providing Catering in Extraordinary Circumstances

accente always complies with the prevailing provisions of the Corona Protection Ordinance by the state of Hesse and the requirements laid down in the HACCP guidelines. You may therefore rest assured that there is no need for you to worry when staying with us, and that you may continue to enjoy select catering.

Hand Hygiene

It goes without saying that our employees wash their hands frequently and thoroughly and also wear protective clothing, such as gloves.

Face Masks

All our staff wear mouth and nose protection masks as well as gloves when handling food or beverages, or when they are in contact with our guests.


As 100% fresh air is supplied to the exhibition halls, our facilities meet the required hygiene standards during your entire event.


When planning the layout of catering areas and their respective seating, sufficient space is left to ensure social distancing.
In the case of fixed seating areas, all places that are not for use are marked.

Our Hygiene Concept

What hygiene measures are in place? 
  • Food and beverages are protected in the best manner possible and are served to our guests by our employees.
  • It goes without saying that we prepare all dishes according to the HACCP standard [Hazard Analysis Critics Control Point].
  • All workstations are provided with additional disinfectants.
  • All work surfaces, rooms, and work equipment are constantly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Our staff wash their hands frequently.
  • Cough shields as well as mouth and nose protection masks are used.
  • Our employees wear gloves when serving food and beverages.
  • Our staff are regularly trained in all prevailing hygiene measures.
How are dishes presented?
  • We would recommend you not to offer self-service food or beverages. If you explicitly request a buffet, all food and beverages will be provided in closed boxes or packages that will at best be served to the seat of each guest.
  • We discourage our clients from offering self-service buffets and rather recommend them to opt for individual portions of selected food. Such portions are served in boxes to your guests at the buffet table, thus maintaining high hygiene standards.
  • accente’s "lunch/break/fare-well food bags" are another hygienic catering option, which may be appropriate for your event.
  • Extra cough shields are provided at all buffet tables and bars.
  • All food and beverages are solely served by accente's qualified staff. This also applies to the provision of cutlery, salt and pepper shakers, etc.
Are precautionary measures in place at the various venues?
  • There are notice boards at all entrances with information on hygiene measures, social distancing, or the rules of conduct.
  • It is ensured that the seating areas and tables at all venues are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • With regard to larger tables with various seating arrangements, such as beer garden furniture sets, seating platforms, all seats that are not for use are marked.
  • Whenever possible, “one-way traffic” arrangements are made in all areas where food and beverages are served to ensure that the minimum distance is kept.
  • Notice boards and floor markings assist our guests in keeping the required minimum distance when lining up.
How well prepared is the catering team?
  • It goes without saying that our employees are trained in and comply with the generally applicable hygiene regulations.
  • All employees wear mouth and nose protection masks and gloves when handling food and beverages, or when they are in contact with our guests.
  • Freshly laundered workwear (blouses/chef coats) is provided, and aprons are changed several times a day.
  • All employees are provided with disinfectants.
  • At the rear of all catering areas are notice boards with information on the prevailing rules of conduct to be observed by our employees.
What can I watch out for as a customer?
  • Please contact us in good time about your planned event so that we can prepare an individual catering offer for you, taking into account the current Covid-19 requirements.
  • For further information please get in an individual discussion.


All information on Covid-19 at a glance  – PDF for download



Do you have any questions or suggestions, or do you need further information on the catering for your event? Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!
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