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VALUES and philosophy

What makes a company unique? Philosophy and values are one thing. Translating them in your daily work is infinitely more difficult. Therefore, we at accente believe that it is people who are at the core of the company and who should be in the foreground. Because it’s our employees who live the corporate philosophy and represent the corporate values. Each of them individually and all of them as a team – day after day.

Who are the people behind accente?

These are not simply 300 permanent and thousands of temporary staff. It is, if you want, a multicultural family. And cooperation among them works so flawlessly because everyone meets the other with respect and as equal. One for all and all for one. And no doubt, most important always is: To see the world with the eyes of the guest.

The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.

J.M. Barrie, Scottish poet and playwright, 1860-1937,
best remembered as the creator of Peter Pan


Why is accente such a popular employer?

This is the happiness of working together. And it is the drive to be strong and professional. Not to stay put but always keep going and, because journey is the reward, to improve a little every day in order to continue the success story.

What is the secret of accente’s success?

Only to be the caterer of Frankfurter Messe? It’s more than that. It is the art of achieving a fine balance – of bringing the virtually impossible together to form a large whole. This means: Producing several thousand widely different meals every day. From simple snacks to the sophisticated formal dinner for the most different target groups from all over the world. Every day, accente succeeds in giving the guest the feeling that what he or she is served has been planned, cooked and served only for him or her. This is a challenge and the great art of hospitality.

And it wouldn’t be accente if there was not more to it than just professional catering, i.e., eating and drinking. To make every moment a perfect success all services a guest or a customer can expect take absolute priority. This starts with providing the right kind of equipment and staff for every event. Most of all, however, it is professional counseling and support of the customer, from the first idea and inquiry to the successful implementation of an event. And all from a single source, with only one contact for all questions, wishes and concerns. This not only genuine service for the customer and exactly the carefree package that gives them the feeling of being in good hands.

What is unique about the catering provided by accente?

Contrary to the saying, with accente, everything is as good as it looks. Because accente is present directly on the Fairgrounds. We cook, fry and bake everything every day. No chance for convenience food. And the transport distances are shorter than you imagine. Looking at it from this angle, accente is not a typical caterer, that is, a supplier of meals and beverages. accente is a host who is aware of the advantage of his location. And who convinces guests from all over the world with highest demands on quality and performance. Not only with cooking but in all relevant areas.

What are the visions of accente for the future?

The future has already begun. With radical rethinking, determined moves forward and the sustainability initiative. For this reason, sustainability, for accente, is not a PR concept or green wash. For accente and all employees alike, it is the guiding principle by conviction. To bring ecology and economy successfully together is a formidable task. accente has been tackling it since 2013 and is approaching the target of comprehensive sustainability a little more. Day by day. Things are good close to home. And Green Catering is accente’s name for sustainability in hosting events. We place the focus on fresh and seasonal produce from local sources, of organic origin, if possible and fair trade when products come for far away, such as coffee or tea.

Does accente prefer a particular management style?

Yes and no. To manage, for accente, is not to lead. Rather, to manage is the way of pooling ideas and powers of the people who work with accente. They are the spirit and the motor. In the team and as individuals. Creative, committed, inspirable and reliable. And that’s why we receive the same friendliness, loyalty, fairness and respect as our guests, partners and suppliers. And accente welcomes anyone who cooperates in making the corporate vision reality and thereby set new accents.

And what is the point for the guest?

For one, of course, it’s the wholesome and tasty meals and beverages on highest level. For another, it is the responsibility to man and the environment as much as the reassuring reliability of all services offered by accente in Fair end event catering. This enables our guests to concentrate on what is really important to them – business and their customers. Because accente creates an ideal work atmosphere as the basis of successful fair business or an event. The employees of accente are always helpful and advising. Even if only in the background. A kind of secret service with top people.

The German Supply Chain Act

Policy Statement on the Human Rights Strategy of Messe Frankfurt.

Messe Frankfurt's Whistleblower System

If you have any information regarding possible or actual violations of environmental protection or human rights (such as discrimination, violation of the freedom of association, unfair wage practices or failure to provide sufficient employee protection ), we would ask you to share this with us.

You can reach Messe Frankfurt’s Compliance Management team at:

Messe Frankfurt GmbH
Attn.: HS 33 Compliance Management / Confidential
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: +49 69 - 75 75 60 60
Email: compliance@messefrankfurt.com

You may provide information under your own name or anonymously. However, we would encourage you to communicate with us openly so that we have the option of asking questions and investigating and clarifying the situation you are bringing to our attention.

Everyone involved in processing a report and investigating the situation in question is obliged to treat as confidential the identity of the whistleblower and the persons mentioned in the report.

Anyone who reports possible or actual violations of legal regulations in good faith will receive the express protection of Messe Frankfurt. No one should be disadvantaged in any way as a result of submitting a whistleblower report. This also applies to anyone who assists you with your report or disclosure.