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THE RIGHT STAFF for your event

For complete happiness you need the right people, at the right place, at the right time. And that’s what the accente staff hire service provides. We support your exhibition or event with competent staff in all fields. Our employees are highly qualified and highly motivated, without exception. Whom should we book additionally for you and your event? Here is an overview:

Hostesses and hosts

Hostesses and hosts accente

Competent, experienced, impeccable manners, groomed appearance, flexible and masters of the intricacies of business environments. Simply impressive. No doubt, your guests and customers will be of the same opinion.

Professional bartenders

Professional bartenders accente

There is more to the job than just pouring drinks. What counts is not only the professional approach to, and thorough knowledge of, spirits, cocktails and their perfect mixing. It also takes a decent measure of personality, some show talent and, in the right dose, the feeling for people and the communication with them.


Barista accente

A trade fair or an event without coffee? Simply not imaginable! And people are expecting ever more of coffee. The magic word today is new coffee culture. That’s why accente provides professional baristas, if you want them. You will long for the next espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino or any of the other delights even before you finish the first.

Chefs for live cooking

Chefs for live cooking accente

Live cooking or front cooking may be the highlight of an event or in combination with other culinary delights form part of the menu. It is an occasion for the guest to enter into a direct dialog with the chef and have one’s meal arranged and prepared very individually. It’s almost like food à la carte. You can book these and other chefs with accente.

Service personnel

Service personnel accente

We help wherever we can. Be it serving meals, pouring drinks or simply being the good spirit in the background. With our top-class service staff you will master even the most demanding situation.

Stand security

Stand security accente

Good night! Our stand security service takes care that you can really have a good night. Nothing will be missing when, after the night’s rest, you come to the stand next morning.

Cloakroom attendants

Cloakroom attendants accente

Leaving in the evening with the same overcoat in which you came in the morning. Sounds simple. And that’s what it is. With our reliable cloakroom attendants.

Front-of-the house and checkout staff

Front-of-the house and checkout staff accente

Cash desk and entrance control are the first contacts to any event. And because you don’t get a second chance for the first impression, you can make an impact with our staff right at the beginning.