Jobs Professionals

JOBS for trainees

Not simply take on a job some place but start real professional training? With a perspective for the future and keeping all doors open for what may come? Not in a small backstreet shop but in a real cool company with international audience and great people from most different countries? And, of course, it should also be fun? Where can you find that? Only with accente!

And what will be my job there? A lot is possible. All things that are thrilling and really interesting. Everything to make trade fairs, congresses and other events a success. Be it in the kitchen, in logistics, admin or in catering, Actually any place where fit people give their best and see all they do through the eyes of the guest. Because the guest and their satisfaction is all that counts with accente. And also your own satisfaction, in everything you do.

With accente, to enable everyone to really give their best, apprentices will not be thrown in at the deep end and turned adrift. Instead, they receive systematic training. In all areas that matter. The instructors are professionals whose job it is to teach the young people exactly the theory and skills to prepare them for a particular vocation or area. After all, nobody wants to remain a trainee for all his life but wants to be a professional in his field one day.

accente takes the training and support of their apprentices very seriously. And anyone knows how much a teacher can spoil one’s enthusiasm for learning when he or she is not a good teacher. Our trainers are very good. The team includes several works council chairmen, several vocational training specialists and, of course, qualified and well-trained staff.

So nothing can actually go wrong then, or?

By the way: You get free meals. And very good links to the public transport ensure that you can get to the Fairgrounds in next to no time.

Sounds good? Then there is only one chance left bow: To the vacancies for trainees