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COOKING makes him happy

Volker Schroeder is manager of the production division and chef de cuisine. As far as cuisine is concerned, he has been working for accente and the many guests from all over the world with all his power ever since 2001. Asked why his position with accente is a new delight for him every day, he says:

From the very start of my time with accente I have not only seen the company grow but I have always had the chance of actively sharing and contributing to this process. This is extremely gratifying for me.

There has never ever been a single dull moment here. Because what customers expect is changing every day; my team and I face new challenges all the time. And it is always a pleasure to be part of an event, from the first test meals to the successful completion so that our guests have the experience of a top event.

Routine is not part of our vocabulary. The versatile business, from trade fairs to congresses and large events of all kinds, in the fairgrounds or in the Festhalle, is not the ground on which routine would flourish. We would never be able to cope with all these tasks without a reliable team – and I have one! My motto: The boss is only as good as the team behind him.