About us

INSIGHTS – Behind the scenes

Some of them can be seen on the fair stall or at an event. Others do their job in the background and no guest will ever see them. And still, no department is less important than any other. Everyone is like a cog in a machine and all together are essential contributors to the success of an event.

To give you an idea of how comprehensive the departments and how diverse their jobs are, here is a brief overview.

And if you find the many departments not only impressive but the jobs there interesting, do not hesitate to contact us. accente is always looking for reliable employees.

And here are the profiles:

Hostesses / hosts

Hostesses / hosts accente

I would like to welcome you warmly to our exhibition stall.
No Fair, no exhibition stall, no congress, no event, no concert can take place without hostesses and hosts. They take care of the smooth running of any event and are professional guides and advisers to guests needing their help. Always friendly, always flexible and always in control, good at communication and presenting themselves.

Service staff

Service staff accente

It’s a pleasure for me.
Servicekräfte, das sind die Unterstützer, Helfer, Mitdenker und guten Geister im Hintergrund, bei ganz unterschiedlichen Veranstaltungen. Dabei geht es nicht nur um das Bringen eines Kaffees oder Mixen einer Schorle. Oft geht es auch um das formvollendete Servieren von Speisen z.B. bei Banketts. Und da wird’s dann richtig anspruchsvoll.


Cook accente

Every meal a gourmet’s feast.
Cooking for the family at home. That’s what many have under good control. The real challenge comes when it’s not the family but maybe hundreds of guests. Requires a bit of rethinking, indeed. This is when cooking turns into production. But always with one goal: highest quality and full enjoyment.

Bar keeper

Bar keeper accente

Shaken or stirred?
There is virtually no end to the long list of spirits and cocktails. And sometimes a guest’s wish may be very special, and variable at times. That is when a bar keeper with professional know-how and perfect preparation is needed. And charisma in dealing with the guests.


Barista accente

Anything but cold coffee
A barista? He is a connoisseur of coffees and roasting processes, an expert in the preparation of espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino and all the other coffee delicacies. And he is also a professional in operating and maintaining espresso machines or milk frothers. Last but not least, a barista ranks among the most important people, because what would a trade fair or an event be like without coffee?

Cashiers / front of house staff

Cashiers / front of house staff accente

The first impression counts.
Doesn’t sound so very important at the first moment. But it is! For the cashiers and the front of house staff are a guest’s first contact. And the first impression should be a positive one because it adds to the ambience of the whole event.


Cloakroom accente

Don’t forget your scarf.
Returning home with the same overcoat in the evening that you put on in the morning Sounds natural. It is natural. With reliable cloakroom staff. And a watchful eye. So that no-one forgets their scarf.


Nightwatch accente

All night long.
Stay awake all night long and watch out that nothing goes missing from the stall or is damaged. With integrity and responsibility. Definitely.

Uniform store

Uniform store accente

Fits perfectly. Looks cool.
The uniform store is not simply a collection of costumes, suits and a lot of other working clothes. It’s much more than that. It’s about the perfect appearance of each of accente’s employees. In an outfit that fits and is perfectly maintained. And whatever doesn’t fit is made to fit.


Laundry accente

Always neat and tidy.
This stain must go! And that one also. The clean and proper condition of the working clothes is the be-all and end-all of the perfect appearance of an accente employee. Sounds like a testimonial of a washing detergent but is of critical importance to accente.

Housekeeping/materials store

Housekeeping / materials store accente

Inventory and stocktaking
The structure of housekeeping is similar to that of the kitchen. At home you cook for your family and the cutlery, glasses, dishes or clothing is manageable at a fairly small scale. Here with accente everything is bigger scores of times. And therefore the important thing here is to keep an eye on everything, to have everything under control and handle the organization.

Equipment service for the gastronomy

Equipmentservice Gastronomie accente

Coffee makers, refrigeration and deep-freeze units, dishwashers, water dispensers, pantry kitchens, beverage dispensers, high tables and many, many more items.
We rent out all types of gastronomic equipment and take care of it all, i.e. the delivery and collection, the connection of the equipment as well as the instruction of the personnel.

Event service

We arrange the installation and de-installation of all furniture and the entire stage equipment in all office and conference rooms at the Frankfurt Exhibition Ground. The same applies to the Congress Center, the Forum, Cape Europe and the „Grande Dame“ of Frankfurt – the Festival Hall.


Technology accente

To make things work.
There is always something to do. Even more so when you think of the many different types of machinery and equipment and the large vehicle pool. And because replacing or throwing away is neither clever nor sustainable, the focus is on maintenance and repair.


Logistics accente

From here to there.
This is a matter of procurement and storage, most of all, the transport and delivery of goods and meals. It is a challenge every day to have the right quantities of goods at the tight place at the right time. Top performance also during rush hours.