Catering for your exhibition stand. This is more than just a sandwich and a cup of coffee. Distinctly more! Because you, your customers and guests spend all day at the fair stand. And you certainly are not disinclined to allow yourself a bit of what you fancy does you good. In the break, something quick between meals or in the evening when you have invited guests to a party at your stand. Most suitably with meals exactly to your personal taste. Fresh, of top quality and inclusive of everything else that is also important to have and is needed at the stand.

Did you ever have the feeling that customers and guests were coming to your stand also because the catering is so good? If so, it most probably was from accente.

For accente is the professional exhibition stand caterer.

One reason for that is the high quality and freshness of everything offered: Everything is prepared, served and delivered to your exhibition stand directly. Top scorer when it comes to quickness and freshness.

Another reason is that the range of meals and drinks includes anything you could wish for, from small and simple to big and demanding and adds more please to life and work at the stand.

Meals and beverages is not all accente delivers. Included is the complete range of peripherals that goes with eating and drinking: From tableware and cutlery to coffeemakers, beer taps and other equipment.

And lest you forget: The professional staff you can also order from accente provides the best support for what you offer your customers and guests.

And now let’s put butter on the fish:

  • If you are already very sure what meals you want for your exhibition stand, click here!
  • You are not yet sure about the meals you want for your exhibition stand? Then let us give you some inspiration. Enjoy the descriptions already now. Because the greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation. The selection is so large, there is bound to be something for you and your event:
    Please check the select buttons for those packages you are interested in. Following your e-mail request we would be happy to make you an individually tailored offer. All prices are subject to additional staffing costs and VAT.