HIGH DEMANDS and quality awareness

High demands combined with quality awareness. This goes for sustainability and culinary delight as much as for hospitality. And respect, appreciation and understanding are the immaterial ties that keep them together.

With accente as extremely diversified catering enterprise, respect, appreciation and understanding relate to three entirely different areas which, each by itself and all together, form the basis of our daily work.

Respect of nature

This relates to the foods we use, their production and origin. Along with that, we attach particular attention to quality, local origin and seasonal availability, the high quality and resource saving processing and the avoidance of waste.

Mutual respect in the team

Fair togetherness is the basis and a success factor in the cooperation within accente. That radiates to within a level of hierarchy and also between the different levels. Team spirit and collegiality are determiners of what we do. Whether manager or mini-jobber. Everyone plays a key role. And all have one and the same target: Satisfied guests and thus the success of accente.

Appreciation of guests

Appreciation means take and accept everyone the way he or she is. This is particularly important when you meet people from countries all over the world. Not always a simple matter. But actually not that difficult. Simply see the world through the eyes of your guests. Satisfy their individual wishes and demands as far as you can. In other words, extend hospitality in the best sense of the word.