About us


Not all of over 300 permanent and up to 2,000 temporary employees who work with and for accente can be introduced personally. Regrettably. Because everyone is, and all together are, the motor and mirror of the enterprise. In spite of that, to give you a feeling for the people behind accente, below we provide short portraits of the members of the management team, i.e. the managing directors and the division managers.

Company management and the broader context

Holger Schuster managing director accenteHolger Schuster
Managing director


“Even if the guest does not always realize it: accente is a very large and complex entity. So someone with a view for the whole context of it is essential.“


Johann Thoma managing director accenteJohann Thoma
Managing director


“Inspiration, motivation, power, visions. These concepts can be expressed in a single sentence because everyone with accente shares the same aspiration: Improve a little day by day.“


Marketing, information and the right words

Dany Durwael marketing & communications accenteDany Ihrke
Responsible for marketing & communications

“Taking the right steps, exchanging information and bringing people together with the right communication. A responsible and also a challenging job so that accente continues on the road of success.“


Eating, drinking and the well-being of the guests

Volker Schröder production division manager, chef de cuisine accenteVolker Schröder
Production division manager, chef de cuisine

Chef de cuisine, recipe developer, idea generator, culinary conjurer.

“Constantly changing customer requests and new challenges every day. This is a special attraction for me and my team in the kitchen.“


Ilka Roßmann catering division manager accenteIlka Roßmann
Catering division manager

Responsible for the planning and execution of any ever so demanding event.

“We are satisfied when at the end of the day the guest says how satisfied he is. What else could you wish for?“


Joachim Klug restaurants division manager accenteJoachim Klug
Restaurants division manager

The patron of all restaurants and the “Depot 1899“ pub.

“My job is: never to lose control and always to have the uniqueness of each restaurant in mind.“


Christopher Günther café/bistro division manager accenteChristopher Günther
Café/Bistro division manager

He is boss of the smaller locations and the big Festhalle.

“Here so many small bistros and cafés, there the venerable big Festhalle. The difference couldn’t be wider. But it’s exactly these differences that make my job so attractive.“


Technology, equipment, logistics, housekeeping – and everything under control

Richard Bonn technology division manager accenteRichard Bonn
Technology division manager

Responsible for the repair of all defects of equipment and the vehicle fleet.

“Maintaining and repairing instead of scrapping or throwing away are sustainable approaches to saving resources.“


Frank Wellems equipment & markets division manager accenteFrank Wellems
Equipment & Markets division manager

From coffeemakers and drinking glasses to water coolers and fridges, even furniture and the supermarkets. There is nothing Frank Wellems wouldn’t have under his control.

“The accente pool is unimaginably large. This is a daily logistic challenge to me and everyone else.“


Thomas Braun logistics division manager accenteThomas Braun
Logistics division manager

His duties include procurement and storage, but mainly the preparation and delivery of goods, meals and beverages, primarily in the Fairgrounds.

“Anything that has to be taken from A to B. Always just in time. This adds up to quite a distance through the day.“


Susanne Michalski housekeeping division manager accenteSusanne Zinn
Housekeeping division manager

From cutlery to dishes and glasses, from the working clothes of the employees to cleaning the clothes. This is the wide field for which Ms Michalski is responsible.

“Actually what I do here is what I am doing at home, only at a much larger scale.“


Finance, IT and everything under control

Thorsten Möller commercial manager/officer with signing power accenteThorsten Möller
Commercial manager/officer with signing power

Takes care that the figures reflect the reality.

“In the proper sense of the word, I do a capital job.“


Permanent employees, freelancers and good working conditions

Markus Geulig HR division managerMarkus Geulig
HR division manager

In this capacity, he is responsible for all permanent and temporary employees including hostesses and hosts.

“Every employee is different. And it is precisely this diversity of people what accente stands for. My task is to promote individual strengths and to pool them for accente purposefully.“