About us


Tomorrow will be a new day. And hopefully it will again be a good day. Therefore, sustainability – for us – is a guiding principle by conviction. Bring ecology and economy together successfully, protect natural resources and the climate. These are great challenges for us and later generations. We face these challenges. We have done that with our Green Catering sustainability initiative ever since 2013.

Things are good close to home

For hosting large events such as trade fairs, congresses. etc., this means: use fresh seasonal produce from local growers, organic if possible. This goes for food as much as for drinks: Mineral water from Bad Vilbel near Frankfurt, juices from regional and seasonal fruit and vegetable, coffee and tea from fair trade and organic sources, Wines from the Rheingau area, to mention but a few.

Less is more

Unnecessary packaging material, small packs or single-serving packages have no place with accente. Distances are short because the accente production, logistics and service are all located in the Fairgrounds. Our electric vehicles are the first choice when it comes to fast transportation, these are in constant use. And resource saving, energy efficiency and strict avoidance of waste and excess by realistic portion calculation are matters of course for us.

Extremely tasty

Despite sustainability, another priority should not be neglected: good taste. That’s why our professional cooks create innovative delicacies for highest culinary delights and widest variety. And variety includes that vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal meals are prepared and allergies and incompatibilities are taken into account where necessary.

Good for the stomach, good for the head

Brainfood is what accente believes is the ideal complement of Green Catering. The focus here is on meals developed with the specific aim of physical wellbeing and mental fitness. Healthy and easily digestible. Energy that does not stress the body but offers all the pleasure you can get.

Architecture and culinary delight committed to sustainability

Kap Europa is the world’s first congress building that won a platinum certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen e.V.) for its high ecological standard comprising the full life cycle of the building.

This location with its intelligent and trailblazing concept is ideal for congresses, conferences, commercial fairs, exhibitions, galas, parties and many other events.

With Green Catering, accente is taking the same challenging, responsible way and has developed recipes and Green Catering packages specifically for Kap Europa that carry the idea of the facility into catering. In this way, architecture, food and drinks come together and form one sustainable whole. Green is the ace!

Read our sustainability brochure (pdf) here.