Sideline jobs

Cool Jobs in the Festhalle

Be there, be part of it, in the thick of it, be very close the stars and other celebs? And earn money, into the bargain? Isn’t that real cool? Where can you find that? Only with accente!

What kind of jobs are these? And what’ll be my job there? All things that are useful and which you can enjoy. As hostess or host, as member of the service staff, as barista or bar tender, as cloakroom attendant, entrance control or cash point staff member. Makes no difference. Being part of it is what counts. And next day you know everything about it and can tell your friends about big international congresses with people whom you otherwise see only in the media. About Holiday on Ice or the International Festhalle Horse Show Competition. Or, and this is really cool, the concerts with Kiss, Deep Purple, James Blunt, the Fanta Vier or, of course, Helene Fischer. In a nutshell: Atemlos durch die Nacht! And through the very good link of the Festhalle to public transport, you will get home quickly and safe.

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