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ESSENTIAL FACTS about accente

Facts, fact, facts. And have the reader in mind. That slogan coined by journalist Helmut Markwort for Focus in 1993 quickly became a catchphrase. And that’s exactly what we are guided by at this point. Below is an overview of all essential facts about accente. And following the links you can read a lot more about the topics that interest you.

To the point:

  • Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH is a subsidiary of Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH. With approximately 47 million Euros net turnover a year (2018) we are one of the largest catering companies in Germany.
  • accente operates all catering units and shops. In the exhibition halls and on the outdoor exhibition grounds of Frankfurter Messe.
  • Administration, logistics and production of the meals directly on the fairgrounds. This ensures that all products are delivered quickly and fresh to all locations.

The service range in detail:

  • Banquet and event catering
    Organization of professional events and providing hospitality at conferences, meetings or stand parties. >>>
  • Stand catering and delivery
    Supply to exhibitors prior, during and after events. >>>
  • Personnel service
    Hire of personnel for exhibitors and event organizers. From hostesses and hosts to bar keepers and exhibition stand staff. >>>
  • Equipment rent
    All you need for the Fair or your event. From the coffeemaker to catering furniture. >>>

The locations in detail:

  • 22 restaurants each with a unique character.
    Most of them are self-service restaurants. Service restaurants can also be rented. >>>
  • Café bars, bistros, snack bars and mobile stalls
    Spread throughout the Fairgrounds and varying widely. >>>
  • 8 supermarkets and 3 press and souvenir shops
    Everything you need for a Fair day. >>>
  • Fair shop
    Attractive and beautiful things from the range of current consumer goods exhibitions. >>>
  • “Depot 1899“ pub
    The location outside the Fairgrounds in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen. For a well deserved glass of beer after the Fair or other event, hosts up to 1,000 guests. >>>


  • Sustainability
    Responsible handling of natural resources. Constant improvement of the ecological balance, avoidance of waste and residue, efficient energy use. >>>
  • Green Catering
    Sustainable meals and beverages. Local, seasonal, mostly of organic quality and from fair trading sources. >>>
  • Brain food
    Is part of Green Catering. Healthy and wholesome and ingredients and meals for physical well-being and mental fitness. >>>

accente yesterday and tomorrow

  • History
    The beginnings of accente date back to 1959. The idea was born out of a very natural situation: to eat where you work or are a visitor. accente not only readily responded to that idea but optimized it. Freshness was the watchword. Without long distances to cover. Therefore, from the beginning, the meals were not carted all the way from somewhere but prepared right on site, in the Fairgrounds. This means freshness is a day’s affair, which you cannot only taste but which is also sustainable. As expectations grew, quality levels rose and people wanted to enjoy their meals and drinks ever more, accente turned from a provider to a ravisher.
  • Looking ahead
    Thinking today of tomorrow is a main motto for accente. Not only with “Green Catering“ at events, galas and in the Kap Europa congress house. But also by following a sustainable corporate strategy.
    For accente, thinking ahead also means: Always keeping pace with time, which includes, on the one hand, the modern improvement of all infrastructural facilities and optimal networking on the Fairgrounds and to focus on personnel development. Because only a modern and attractive employer can win employee loyalty and assure the required quality with a foresighted approach for the company as a whole.
  • Ideas and visions
    Any business is paralyzed by standstill. Therefore, people at accente constantly develop sustainable visions as well as inspiring ideas and put them into reality. In addition to catering, such ideas are also applied in technology and organization. Be up to date, move forward. This means, on the small scale, to expand the vehicle fleet by changing to electric vehicles. On the large scale it means to place the focus on the technical upgrading of the 22 restaurants and over 60 bars and cafés. A particularly convincing case is the lately new opened restaurant Centro in hall 9 with technical equipment on the highest level.
    The new hall 12 was built accordingly and now represents the visionary and forward-looking spirit of accente. With its state-of-the-art architecture it allows its guests room to breathe. Enjoy an entirely new concept of atmosphere – in two restaurants and four locations as café or bistro or bar.