Über uns

Philosophy in White and Red

Wine or not Wine? That was not the question as far as accente was concerned. We wanted our very own wine. Not just any wine, but a special one. One that would satisfy the exacting demands we place on enjoyment and quality. And above all one that shows that we are only strong if we work together. In short: a wine just like the accente brand.

The Best of Each Grape Variety

On the one hand, a Pinot Blanc, whose delicate light tone and fine aromatic fragrance arises due to cultivation in moderately warm climates. Already mentioned since the 14th century, Pinot Blanc has its origins in France. On the other hand, a cuvée, a composition of several grape varieties. However, each individual grape variety contributes its own unique nuance, with the goal of creating a product that is as complex as possible and has its own special characteristics. Embracing the maxim " Things go better together", the best characteristics of three grape varieties are "married" with each other.

"Harmonischer Dreiklang" and "Harmonisches Miteinander"

Harmonious Trio and Harmonious Interaction, these are the names of the wines, and the names say it all. Because the wines are not bought ready-made and labelled. Instead, they are created in close collaboration between a young winemaker from Germany, an Italian winemaking family and accente. All partners share the highest standards of their own performance and the will to always offer the best quality, combined with real passion.

The Pinot Blanc

With hints of fresh fruity apricots and pineapple, rounded off with almond butter and caramel, the Pinot Blanc offers a mild but aromatic taste experience. A wine that goes well with many dishes. But also a wine that can be drunk wonderfully solo. The woman behind the wine is Angelina Schmücker (www.angelina-schmuecker.de), a young winemaker with her own small vineyard in Rheinhessen. She does not come from a winemaking family, nor does she come from the region. As a career changer, she is fulfilling a childhood dream in her new adopted home. Today, she lives there and creates her very own wines with intuition, feeling and expertise, strong in character and accessible at the same time.

The Cuvée Red

50% Marzemino Nero, 35% Carménère, and 15% Pinot Nero form the basis for a harmoniously balanced red wine. It appeals with its spicy, elegant and smooth full body. The Cuvée Red is a classic accompaniment, which can be enjoyed throughout the evening. The winemakers: the Gottardi family in Veneto, who are all passionate about making wine. The Contra Soarda family winery (www.contrasoarda.it) is comparatively young: In 1999, the parents, Gloria and Mirco, decided to turn land, which had been fallow for a long time, into a living terrain for nature and grapes. Very hard work indeed. However, it has been worth their while, and their success has proven them right. Today, the second generation, Eleonora and Marcello, work together with their parents to jointly continue the legacy and preserve the good reputation.

Capturing Nature in a Bottle

As it is the case with accente, the decisive factors for the two wineries are sustainability, a credo they live by, and craftsmanship. The acting in the vineyard, as well as in the cellar, are both shaped by the respect for nature, living in and with nature. Environmentally conscious cultivation, selective harvesting, an extensive ripening process. This is the only way to produce authentic wine that is full of character. Always with the goal in mind to make the complex interplay of the soil, climate and weather conditions recognizable and literally “tastable” by the glass. Only those who put good grapes into the cellar are rewarded with good wine. This involves a lot of work, and no tricks. After all, fine taste nuances do not develop in the cellar, but rather originate from the grape.

Where is the Wine Served?

accente has given a lot of thought to that, too. It‘s like the famous ”Champagnerlaune”, i.e. the festive mood. Champagne is served to mark special occasions and selected events, when there is a gathering of people that you do not meet all too often and wish to toast that special occasion. Or else, when you just want to enjoy a good wine. What applies to champagne is also true of accente wine. It is not always served, and not everywhere. However, it is always there when exclusive moments are to be “accentuated” by something exquisite. Needless to say, you can also buy our wine. A limited number will be available in selected fairshops.Thanks to its elegant design, the bottle itself is already an eye catcher but the true pleasure only unfolds once it is opened.