Restaurants & cafés

DEMANDS and quality awareness

Our demands? Quite simple: Highest level and no compromise. Best quality is the topmost maxim and requirement on everyone’s work. This applies to anything accente is doing and everything accente offers to guests.

accente is not simply a catering provider. accente is a host with passion. This means: Only the best for every guest. Guest should feel good like someone who is at home with accente – even if only for a short time. And that on quite different levels:

Sustainability and highest quality

Meals are prepared and cakes baked freshly everyday. And that exactly where they are also consumed. In the Fairgrounds. This means that transport distances are shortest. Everything is taken from A to B by electric trucks. Logistics is but one aspect of our sustainable thinking and ecological awareness. Another one relates to the food products we use. Seasonal quality products from local sources are our goal. And – if possible – of organic quality and from fair trade.

Only the best to enjoy

Pushing ourselves to culinary top form every day. That is what we are guided by. Whether a little snack or a lavish banquet. And always with the expectations of so many international guests and their individual preferences in mind, Whether, vegetarian, vegan, kosher or halal, we are prepared for everything.

International variety instead of hotchpotch

Individuality reflects not only in dishes but also in locations. accente loves to be guided by that motto. With 22 restaurants and a host of cafés and bistros. No two locations are alike. Each has a unique character, a top rate offer and always lives up to international demands.

Break time is feel-well time

Of course, we attach great importance also to the ambience and atmosphere of our locations. Every guest should feel he is welcome and a little bit at home. Because he wants to enjoy the brief moment, recharge his inner battery or converse with others. Maybe about an event, maybe about a joint project or simply engage in small talk.