Restaurants & cafés

theme food trucks

Actually, the catering service in the Fairgrounds with its numerous restaurants, bistros, bars, cafés and a wide variety of choice food leaves nothing to desire. So many good things. Can that still be topped? Yes, it can. With the Food Trucks, which we place strategically in the grounds and which sell a complementary range of food. Inspired by the Asian cook shops, interpreted a new way and parked in the Fairgrounds.

Food trucks are the fashion today. In their traditional form, they have long been part of the program with accente. But with growing popularity and many new creations, we can always offer very special dining experience. And this way the Fairgrounds turn into a genuine vehicle park from time to time. But they are not simply mobile stalls selling sausages and French fries. Neither are they meals on wheels. They are the place where the food truck scene meets with their culinary specialties. Always everything prepared and served fresh on site and of high quality. The range on offer is varied and every trucker practices his own food philosophy and his very individual culinary focus.

And what is on the menu? That depends. There is something for everyone: The inevitable classics, burgers, or pulled pork and pulled beef. Sandwiches and wraps. Barbecued, smoked, fried. USA, Mexico, Asia, orient and elsewhere. Everything is there. Vegetarians and vegans will also not leave the place hungry.
And well, yes: If your colleague says he is just going to get some fresh air and doesn’t return for hours, it may well be that the food trucks are again parked nearby.