Über uns

Focused into the future

Our vision - individually strong and together outstanding.

Off to new horizons. accente as a ship on the high seas. This comparison has been used more than once to describe the company. And once again, this is a good picture. A complex structure, a unit, with a wealth of tasks, mastered by specialists working together as a crew. Sometimes sleek and purposeful like a sailor in a good wind, then again a mighty steamer in rough seas, defying the elements.

While travelling, the ship always offers its guests a comforting feeling of peace and quiet paired with enjoyment. For the crew, it is a place of safety, with lots of variety, surprises, great experiences and encounters - but also of hard work.

Each of them has already experienced that accente can overcome crises well and that calm waters follow stressful times. This has welded the people on board together, even if it sometimes grates. And precisely these important people are the once who matter. Without them, nothing would work.

Where do we want to go? What is the best way to steer the ship? What are we particularly good at? These and many other questions were addressed by the executives at several intensive workshops over the past six months. They collected, sorted, discussed and discarded, then developed and structured.

To end up with an essence of what, on the one hand, brings together the strengths of the people and their activities and, on the other hand, represents a future-oriented idea for the company's actions. A vision. Not out of the box, but concrete and with a pinch of wit. Unmistakably accente: A recipe!

A recipe that puts people at the centre and at the same time sends a message to the outside world:

With our ingredients we are the best recipe for trade fair and event in Frankfurt

Our vision

•    Many smiling faces
•    Some kitchen love
•    A good view of the future
•    A big portion of creativity
•    A handful of reliability and passion ;
•    A pinch each of discipline and diligence
•    A lot of versatility and ideas
•    A lion's share of spontaneity
•    A punctual load of logistics
•    A colorful bouquet of international colleagues and guests
•    Ample flexibility and moments of pleasure
•    A lot of commitment
•    A variety of friendly staff
•    A pound of hospitality

To fill this vision with life, to measure ourselves against it, and to grow, is a holistic task of all people to the accente family. Creating a pleasant working atmosphere on the "accente ship", so that everyone likes to stay on board while travelling. The strengths of each employee as an individual ingredient to a collaborative recipe thus become an excellent whole.