About us


accente does not only think green, but also acts according to a green philosophy. As a company, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and use compostable materials to serve the clients in our cafés and bistros.

Green cups

The material of our disposable cups is gained from plants containing starch. This biodegradable and renewable raw material PLA (polylactide) belonging to the category of bio-plastics is decomposed by microorganisms. This is an environmentally friendly alternative that not only protects Mother Earth and supports our initiative Green Catering, but also offers our guests the usual comfort of a conventional disposable cup. Deceptively genuine, convincingly good.

Green Catering sustainability initiative

We pursue the goal of comprehensive sustainability and sustainable thinking is part of our corporate philosophy. Thanks to the daily use of fresh, seasonal food and drinks from suppliers in our region and a precisely calculated cost of goods, we save resources, energy and avoid waste. The use of compostable cups follows our guiding principles and makes it a reality.

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