Sideline jobs

SOUNDS GOOD. That’s what I want.

Sideline jobs play a leading role with us. Because we are always looking for friendly, reliable jobbers who are able to work in a team and love their job. And we at accente have a lot of these: Whether in service, the kitchen or as exhibition stall staff; when you join, there is always a lot to do for you.

And how can I get such a job?

Very simple. Either you complete our online application form* or you come and see us for a personal job interview. For a personal application, when there is no Fair, you can see us between 10 and 12 a.m. every Monday to Friday. You find us in the Dependance building on the Fairgrounds. How you get there is explained in the detailed route directions.

We have installed two registration terminals at the reception desk on the first upper floor. Please fill in the application form there. Make sure you have all relevant documents handy when you come for an interview, for example, your identity card / passport, residence permit, work permit, semester enrolment slip, student card and social security card.

We will have a look at your papers and if we believe that you are the right choice for us, you can start your job with accente right away. If you have sent us your completed online application form* and we, after seeing it, are convinced that you will perfectly fit one of our teams, we will send you an invitation so we can meet you personally to see whether the chemistry is right. If it is we will be glad to welcome you to the accente team. To the vacancies sideline jobs*.