Catering Event

Sushi creations crafted by expert

accente has many regular staff members and an even larger number of freelancers in very different positions. Below is a small portrait from the Event Catering section that is representative of the way all people behind accente think and work:

Yasuyo Shimizu, master sushi maker and manageress of accente’s own sushi manufactory.

It is Ms Shimizu’s pleasure to bring a piece of authentic Japan to Frankfurt every day. With premium sushi and many other original Japanese delicacies.
Here is what she says about herself, her work und experience with accente:

My work with accente makes me very happy. At first, because here I can demonstrate my skills of Japanese cuisine which I have acquired in many years, mainly sushi. And secondly, because I could make my dream come true, i.e., I came into an environment in which I can also be active in the European cuisine.

There are people from many countries like me in accente’s staff. By working together with these people, I feel there is a link here that brings all nations and cultures together.
In all departments, everyone here is happy, nice and unique. When I greet people and can talk with them I feel happy. I would even say we are a big family.

Work in the kitchen needs a strong body because of so many hours of standing during work, and also for the skills. But the feeling, together with the colleagues to reach the daily goal and to be able to practice what is my vocation, quickly makes up for these inconveniences. And so I can say that my workplace is the best place for my mind, my body and that I stay in good health.

During all my eleven-and-a-half years with accente, I have always also been responsible for Asian students working with us temporarily. They are really great help in the kitchen. They work with the typical Asian dexterity, diligence and patience.

By working some time in our team, these students can earn some money. In such cases I feel that we are united in gratitude.
And it is nice that accente invites temporary workers as well as permanents, for example, to the barbecue party in summer or at Christmas time in winter. This is not only intense pleasure and relaxation it is also a symbol, as I said, that we are one big family.